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watch on patrol. a group of neighbors upset over postal problems set up their own sting the to catch criminals. once they watched the video, even they were shocked at what it showed. we are in fairfield with the story. >> the video really is remarkable, neighbors caught images of a pair of suspect mail thieves. taking mail from boxes that didn't belong to them. >> basically they drive around in a neighborhood and -- like experienced professionals knowing what they are doing. and they are very quick. they are in and out. >> you are looking at evidence gathered as part of operation mail trap. a neighborhood organized sting. set on capturing mail thieves in action. >> we wanted more evidence. we wanted to find out who was doing it. we really wanted their faces. we wanted more details about the car. >> suspecting postal theft in
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the neighborhood would let neighborhood watch coordinator mark miller organize the sting. putting up red flags on mailboxes. and then rolling surveillance cameras. and the culprits took the bait. >> i feel violated. i feel violated. it scares me that somebody out there now has my information. >> jade said she knew there was a problem but was stunned to see what uncovered. >> i hope you get jail, drop it off at the police station, can we have our mail back? >> it's quite rewarding for us to get the cooperation from the community we have gotten. we have gotten videos that we were following up on, we have three d three investigators working on the case. >> fairfield police called the action of the neighbors amazing.
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they are determined to crack the case. >> cameras are rolling, eyes are rolling and ears are rolling. so, all hands on deck. >> all hands are on deck out here. the car involved is described as a 4-door knnissan and a man and woman are believed to be involved. they say they are working on several leads. now the neighborhood association is offering a $1,000 reward, u.s. postal service said they will pay up to $10,000 for information leading to some arrests. reporting live. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, san francisco police say that help from the public lid to the arrest of a man who violented attacked an agent last month. you are seeing video that shows the attack and the man that
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police are looking for. the agent told the rider that bicycles were not allowed in the station. police say they got a tip that the suspect was on the san francisco community college campus, and officers arrived there and arrested the man who was booked into jail on battery charges. >> san francisco commute is back to normal the this evening after the death of a man in a tunnel, tied up the transportation grid for hours today. he was struck and it shut down service for nrly three hours. b.a.r.t. accepted passes and bus bridges were set up. but there was a lot of confusion. >> they told us to go up stairs and take the shuttle. i'm not sure it will happen. hopefully i'm not late for work. >> how long have you been looking for the shuttle? >> not ten minutes. >> and have you seen one yet? >> no. >> the operator of the vehicle has been placed on nondrive e r
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status. >> a woman been waiting for 20 years or closure. and she may be getting it, a laboratory is testing a newly found bone fragment to see if it bl belongs to a 9-year-old girl that went missing. heyward police said there's a delay in testing the fragments that could belong to the little girl. results should be available in december. for the first time since videotaping other tearful and bruised next door neighbor. ivory madison is speaking out and this time, she is at the center of a 60-second political ad. >> i live in district five. next door to a convicted batter who is also our sheriff, because
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he thinks you can abuse your wife and still run a major law enforcement agency. i'm voting for anyone on the ballot. she voted for him to keep his job, during an ethics hearing. ivory madson shot the video of lopez explaining how he grabbed her arm during a now year's eve fight. it was central to the domestic abuse indicate against him. we have reached out to the campaign for reaction but have not received calls back. >> a former south bay principal is facing jail time for failing to report the alleged sexual abuse of a student at an elementary school. her fate is now in the hands of a jury. nbc bay area marianne is in the hall of justice with the latest on the case.
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>> raj, i can tell you that the jurors met with the judge a few minutes ago and four of them needed more information and more time, and eight had said they reached a decision. now all of the jurors will be back on monday morning to continue to deliberate a case that many schools and parents are watching very closely. >> when this woman was principal in san jose, a 8-year-old student reported unusual activity. and now she faces six months in jail if a jury finds her guilty of failing to report suspected child abuse that happened in a classroom during october of last year. police later arrested the girl's teacher. craig chandler, charging him with committing lude acts on five children. this is the second time that prosecutors have gone after a local educator for not reporting the abuse.
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>> she allowed him to continue as a teacher in a classroom that gave him access to a child and ultimated resulted in that child's mole station. she did interview the child and took notes and recorded that chandler put something in her mouth and wiggled her body back and forth. a lot of other people knew about chandler's behavior and also did not believe anything sexual was going on. in a statement he said that we are confident when all the evidence is examined she will be cleared of any wrongdoing. licensed therapist said regardless of the verdict, this case has the ability to encourage mandatory reporting to do more. >> it leads the abuser to have the sense that they can get away with this and they may do it again. and then, it just leads to more
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pain. >> as for chandler, he is behind bars awaiting trial. he faces 75 years to life in prison if he is convicted. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> we continue to follow a developing story in the east bay, the friday rush hour has been miserable for hours. southbound 680 has been parking lot, and a big rig accident, near the stone ridge exit had all or part of the freeway closed since 11:00 this morning. we are now live over the scene and you can see all of the lanes are hope and traffic is finally moving. but looks like maybe about 40 miles an hour. now in addition to the time it took to get the rig turned right side up, they had to take care of the fuel spill also. it crashed at 7:00 a.m. this morning and halted traffic. the driver was not seriously
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injured. it has been three months now since the crippling fire. and it was announced that it is fully reopening the facility early next year. the fire almost damaged the unit that distiles crude oil and while experts trace the cause of the fire to an skbloeexplosion corroded pipe. they are still looking to see why the pipe was unstable. the spokes person said that the refiner execs the unit to go back on line, some time during the first three months of 2013. >> we are learning that a spill estimated at 1500 gallons was a lot larger. the spill was spotted when someone saw the mess flowing out of a man hole near woodside drive. sanitary crews cleared a block edge before midnight but the spill was actually 88,000 gallons. not 1500.
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the man hole may have been over flowing since the previous friday. warning signs are now posted and an investigation is under way to find out how much sewage entered the area. >> you expect your insurance to pay when disaster strikes, what happens when they don't? we find a loophole in coverage that you may not know about. also. >> we get up close and personal with brand new ipad mini, we will see what customers have to say about it. >> and good evening, i'm in the weather center. we are tracking a system moving across california, even producing rainfall a few hundred miles away. we will let you know if we will get any of that, and a weekend warm up, so warm, air quality expected to suffer even into next monday. we will have details on this
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>> decision 2012, four days to go until election day and when you finally get to vote and when you finally get to stop seeing all the political ads and if you feel like you are tired of all of of it, take comfort that here in the bay area, we do not have it so bad. we are live in san francisco, with more. >> well, jessica, no doubt that there's no doubt that people are getting tired of all the political ads and this year, though, for the bay area, at least the amount of advertising is not as intense as it's been in the past. >> i'm tired of obama and mitt romney. >> that is why you are crying? oh. >> most people are not crying about it, but they are feel ago considerable amount of fatigue over the election season.
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>> we are starting to get the sense it's too much and we are starting to get tired of hearing about it. >> she is an official member of the broadcast arts at san francisco state university. not only can the shear number of ads wear people down but the tone is worse. >> the negative ads that turns me off, if i see one, i think i will vote for the other candidate. >> i think they are now indicatindicat catering to another element that is not good. >> the realty is that the bay area media market, less money has been spent here for the fourth quarter this year than was spent in the fourth quarters of 2010 and 2008. most people we talked to, that is little comfort. >> some of them get my blood pressure up, that is for sure. if i lived in ohio, i could be getting upset. >> it may be a better idea to spend the final hours to inform
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yourself. >> try to understand what the issues are. and what the meanings are behind the aids and make a choice on wo and what they are going to vote for. >> and before you know it. >> the election will be over soon. okay. oh. >> of course, we are not in a presidential battleground state where the campaigning has kicked into high gear. in fact it was announced today that the number of presidential election ads that aired this year in the country, or across the country that is has topped the 1 million mark. which is actually a third higher than it was back in 2008. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, well, it is something victoria secret did not see coming. thieves robbed the store on wednesday. palo alto police said they took 180 bras while employees were
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busy with customers. unfortunately the store's video system was broken and it did not capture the heist. >> it has been' have good day for bay area hardware, they went public today, selling shares of their stock. and those buyers increased the price by 30% on day one. employs, you can see, range the opening bell on wall street. >> shops getting to test the new ipad device. >> here is what we have he did. he went out and tested it and then comes to the newsroom and tests it on us. >> do you mean test subjects, and that means shoppers? this is the mini that you could buy in stores for the first time today, and a lot of questions as
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to whether it will be as popular as the ten inch screen and it looks like it will do well. there's something about getting your hands on a brand new device inside a brand new store. >> now that i see it, i have to open it early. >> that is what we heard from the new fans. even though it's a smaller version of what is out there. for some, the ipad mini is what we were waiting for. >> in the old days, we walked around with a projector, right? and that was crazy and then we pull it out of our pocket and we have a instant presentation. i love it. >> while it does everything that its bigger cousin does for $200 less. it's quickly winning fans. >> i have thought about getting it for my wife. yeah. >> and one for yourself, too? >> actually, probably more more
6:18 pm
myself. >> i have started to do all of my newspapers and magazines and books on my technology. but i'm finding that the iphone, text is getting smaller and smaller and the ipad, i like to read in bed and it's a little too columnsy, and i drop it. so this is to me is the perfect size. >> smaller crowds for a smaller product but one these shopper just had to touch. >> all right, we will touch it here on set. there you go. that's the new smaller one and for comparison we brought this on set too, this is what used to be a small thin device and now, wow, it looks bigger. >> it does, you first look and say, it's not that a big difference but you put them next to each other, they are a big difference. >> if you have one of these, do you need one of these? one fits better in a purse and all the apps are transferrable and everything works the same. >> this is a day purse, this is an evening purse, you can go
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nowhere without your ipad. >> we are so spoiled. i like the 1 handed deal here. >> guess who will get the new ipad mini? probably has it in his back pocket right now. >> if i were you scott, take it to your desk right away. before someone disappears with it. >> it would be nice to have, but i don't know. i am a fan of the old, the larger one for now. let's get a look doppler radar. rainfall to the north, we are so close to getting a few rain drops and right now the current pattern has the more consistent measurable rainfall staying off to the north so we are expecting a dry bay area tonight, 70 and warmest spot on the weather boards with 73 in gilroy and 65 in san francisco, now, it's cool out here right now, temperatures dropping with a few areas and
6:20 pm
mainly clear conditions, if you are not a fan of the cold and you want one more last blast of summer. we have got it coming your way. santa rosa could have record setting heat on sunday. the average is just 69 this time of year. and it looks like we could break that record set way back in 1999. let's go outside to the sky hd network. we are not under a heat event from this view with the high cloud cover. this is all going to be pushing out for tomorrow. let's get you back to the weather boards and what we have happening is the cold front. and the cloud cover we saw, it will continue to move here off to the east it will break up. warmer air with it and temperatures are expected to be in the 80s in the seven-day forecast, which will likely set a few records over the next 3 on to 4 days. and 60s at the coast line and for the interior valleys we are tracking mid to upper 70s.
6:21 pm
we want to bring your attention to the mid coast. if you have loved ones there, you are doing any sort of traveling. of course it will be a nightmare to get there, as they are cleaning out from the deadly and devastating storm. as we look ahead to next week, on wednesday and thursday and another storm expected to build up the coastline and we could see another 1 to 2 inches of rain, possibly more flooding and winds 20 to 40 miles an hour. it's not another hurricane, but just a storm system that is building strength. if you want to help hurricane sandy victims, again, toenight, on nbc bay area, we will have a storm benefit and the humane society is putting together animal rescue times to head that way. we will have more coming up on the seven-day forecast, raj and jess, even on when the next storm system is expected to arrive here in theay area. not so bad, we get heat and rain coming in the seven-day forecast. >> perfect fall weather. thank you. what is the cost of cutting class? coming up we get a reality check
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how much it costs schools when kids skip school. >> how the district is now explaining its actions. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> it's an eye opening and controversial filing. the district subjects that a former student is partially to blame for her abuse. she said she was sexually abused by two teachers in the 1990s, one teacher died and the other is serving prison time. she is suing the district. and the outrage came when the district said that her actions made her responsible for what happened. the school district issued a at the same time saying that the claim was a potential response to her demand for millions dollars in damages. and the district raised nine possible argue manies that could
6:25 pm
be used in court. and she has seized on one and over exaggerated it's importance. the district will design if any of the areas may not be applied. >> get ready to see what hard work can accomplish. the children gathered to hear more about their futures. all of the students were looking at, you are looking at will attend either a uc or cal state university. >> we work hard at berkly to street well students who come from the most disadvantaged background. whether they are undocumented students or students with disabili disabilities, so we work hard to level the playing field. >> today was part of the achieve uc system. it's a way to connect with low income students with the concept of higher education. >> still ahead, recovering from
6:26 pm
the superstorm and a big decision, a change of heart here for new york city's mayor in the wake of a backlash, also? >> you better believe, if we start executing thoo he is guys on -- executing these guys on death row that people will think twice. >> the debate over ending the death penalty coming to a head just days before the election. advocates on both side of the fight state their case. >> and a reality check, does the school district really pay the price when it comes to kids kipping class for a world series break? we are back in two minutes.
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>> decision 2012, the campaign to eliminate the death penalty. look at the undecideds.
6:29 pm
17%, which is a large number. the swing vote will be critical. >> we want to become you in for a closer look at both sides. >> thank you, this could be the most emotionally charged issue on the ballot on. there are victims families on each side. there are police and district attorneys on each side. now, i spoke at length with two of the leaders the debate. the exwarden who knows all about death row and a father who knows all about waiting for his daughter's killer to die. they each have given their lives to improving public safety, but they are leagues apart on how to do it. >> california's death row lies inside san quentin and during her five years of being warden, she ordered five executions. and after each of them -- >> someone would say, is the
6:30 pm
world safe because of what we did and we knew the answer was no. she is set out for rallying for life in prison no parole. >> we need to take these guys out. >> his 12-year-old daughter, polly, was kidnapped and murdered by richard allen davis. >> these are serial killers. these are mass murderers, these are baby killers. these are individuals without conscious. you better believe if we start executing these guys on death row, there are people out there that will think twice. >> but justice can move slowly. in 34 years just 13 executions. the last to die clarence ray allen in 2006. his 26 years of legal appeals reportedly cost taxpayers $761,000. >> why would we spend so much money on a handful of individuals who are sitting in a
6:31 pm
cell over at san quintin right now who are more likely going to die in the cell than be executed. they are caught, they are no longer a public safety threat. >> wood ford and others argue that death penalty savings could be spent fighting crime. prop 34 calls for $100 million fund to help solve murders and rapes. important for public safety because statewide 46% of ho homici homicides, and rapes are not resolved. but people against 34 do not buy it. >> this is not about money for these people. this is about the fact that they will do anything to keep these characters alive. this is about ideology, i know, i have gone to testify for bills up in the legislature that would start to streamline it and they will not let it out of committee. >> appeals can go on for
6:32 pm
decades. which is why the exwarden calls the death penalty a fraud. >> because they are not killed soon enough? >> they will likely never be executed. >> class and those who want to keep the death penalty say we could execute condemned killers faster if there was a political will to do so. but executions were halted six years ago, due to another court challenge over the lethal injection being used. raj? >> susan, great to have you with us. four days until election day, both candidates were where else? in ohio, the economy is the buzz word, it remains the buzz word and today, the latest jobs report was released. the unemployment rate went up slightly. but 171,000 new jobs were added and analysts say it's better than expected but not great. president obama a sured voters that it has been improving. >> home values are on the rise. we are less dependent on foreign
6:33 pm
oil. >> today we learned it's 9 million jobs short of what he promised, unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. think of that. >> both candidates made several stops in ohio, knowing that historically this state can decide who is in the oval office. right now, the president has a two-point lead over governor romney. >> 5 days after super storm sandy, residents are receiving much needed food, water and clothing. officials were a welcome sight for residents of staten island, they have been critical saying that response has been slow to the outer new york city borough, and gas that was been scarce. and public transportation has been limited and hundreds of thousands of residents still do
6:34 pm
not have power. >> this is well beyond what any of us have expect can -- expected. >> after public outrage, new york city decided to finally cancel the marathon that was going to be held this weekend. the mayor said that the race would have brought in much needed revenue and sent a message that the city is recovering but residents say the focus needs to be on helping victims, not on a race. >> we want to remind you here, in 90 minutes from now, we will be televising the effort to raise money for the victims of sandy. it will feature big name performers. billy joel, ting, and christina aguilera will take the stage. matt lauer will host the benefit right here at 8:00 p.m., all money raised will go to the american red cross relief efforts. it was just a few days ago, from far and wide, they came,
6:35 pm
thousands of bay area residents flooding into san francisco on wednesday. downtown, cheering on the world series champions. the giants. >> and for some, the price of admission was a day off of work and cutting class and school. when students play hooky it can cost the school district big bucks. we look at how much money local schools may have coughed up due to a rise in absences. sam? >> just like everything else in the great state, the school funding formula is really, really complicated. but here is what you need to know. for most schools, state funding is partly determined by an average daily attendance. and that is not attending extra curricular activities. this could be a tough pill for parents to swallow. every day of school your child misses say for example to catch a parade, the school district is likely picking up the tab.
6:36 pm
and we know that kids were playing hooky for the parade. aren't you supposed to be somewhere? >> yeah. >> where? >> at school. >> what did you tell your school? >> i am at the giants parade. >> you told the truth? >> sounds like you have a cold. >> maybe that cough is going around. we called up ten local school districts and asked them for their numbers on wednesday, the day of the parade. for those that replied we took the total number of students missi missing and then subtracted that from the average students missing and took that into a revenue formula. the total money lost is what we found. san francisco unified, had $122,000 in state funding by our calculation just from that one day. 158,000 by the school districts'
6:37 pm
numbers. with more students missing than on average. the other students missing showed a smaller deviation. it was in line with the range of 12 to 13 hundred and berkley reported 319 absences which is up to par with its normal numbers as well. fremont had 1100 absences but out of a student body population of 33,000. >> and we gave you a flash point of several school districts and contacted other districts who likely would have been impacted by the parade. san mateo and south san francisco and pacific a, none of them responded or would not run the numbers for us. you should note for make up for lost money, sometimes districts will lengthen the school year or even the days in an attempt to do that. back to you. >> and as a parent, you have the option to go to the district and
6:38 pm
ask for the money that was lost for the day for your child and they welcome you write the check for the particular amount. each district will have a different amount. 30, 40, $50 and you can give the money back. drop off the check and make up for the absence. >> the end of a popular children's toy. >> and your neighborhood's tree fall on your house, you both have the same insurance company, why a seemingly simple claim has turned into a 7-month ordeal. >> and good evening, i'm jeff in the nbc bay area weather center. showers just a few hundred miles away great santa rosa. we are tracking the latest storm moving in and tick tock, don't forget your clocks. that is right, you want to push them back one hour, so you are not late anywhere heading through sunday.
6:39 pm
this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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>> no more buckeye balls, the popular magnetic desk toys are being discontinued. in july, the consumer product safety commission sued the makers claiming the magnets were hazardous to children when swallowed. teenagers were swallowing them accidentally by mimicking piercings. they will no longer manufacturer them. >> jeff, joins you now and we are getting ready for a warm weekend. >> i know, i just, you know, put the shorts away and now i have to pull them out of the closet. >> let's look out here, clear skies in san francisco and cloud cover building off shore. we will have details in a seven-day forecast.
6:42 pm
>> coming up in posports, hocke fans get bad news and raider fans get good news and we have great news for those who follow the warriors, basketball is back at oracle arena we are all over it. >> long before the giants celebrated a title, we were there as the trucks pulled out of san francisco, in route to scottsdale for a spring training that set the tonight for a championship season ahead. along withe way, we saw the grounds crew getting ready for a variety of events. starting with opening day. the play-ball luncheon was a great introduction to the new faces on the giants and all
6:43 pm
manner of special events followed. and the america's cup defenders and oracle team usa and a bruce lee tribute night. we spent time inside the team offices as they got ready for each and every home game and all of the special events and the most memorable moment was in june when matt contain delivered the first ever perfect game, all of it leading up to the perfect ending and a parade down market street as we get ready for opening day 2013 and another huge celebration with a team that would not be eliminated. to home of the giants, nbc bay area, i'm lawrence scott. >> they did it. congratulations to the world champion san francisco giants. from xfinity. the future of awesome. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin.
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>> you buy insurance to protect yourself when disaster strikes, when that disaster comes from next door and you have the same insurance company as your neighbor, you may not get the simple resolution that you expected. we are looking at a scenario that could play out in your own backyard. >> when the neighbor's tree fell on the kenton family hope, they contacted their insurance company and seven months later they are til out of a home, the company is containing costs on one side and limiting liability
6:46 pm
on the other. [ door bell ] >> coming home brings back memories that this couple would rather forget. >> my wife and son were sitting at the dinner table when the tree came through the roof of the house. it literally came within three feet of killing my wife and son. >> it was just the most incredibly loud sound and i saw a flash of green through this window. you know, we are sitting in the dining room and i knew immediately. oh, my gosh. it's the tree. >> the tree is this 100 foot oak. a march rain storm brought it crashing down on to the roof. at last check, the home is valued at $600,000. >> it stopped three feet above their heads. >> grateful no one was hurt. they focused on rebuilding. but they say having the same insurance company as their neighbors has kept them living in limbo for the past seven
6:47 pm
months. >> they are state farm, we are state farm. and so tiply cally you think, okay, that means we will all sit down and negotiate a settlement. what has happened is that one side of state farm is fighting against another side of state farm. >> is there any truth to that? >> we will work with each customer. >> so it be easier to resolve than if we had different insurance companies? >> each claim will be handled on its own merits. >> he said that he cannot tell us what the average resolution time is for a case like that. >> coming up, we will talk with the state department of insurance about complaints like this this and how they are resolved and we ask if you are better off having a better insurance company than your neighbor. we will have more on them and what happened when we called up state farm. for now, i'm live in the newsroom. >> interesting, thank you. and if you have a tip for our unit including any issues that i find while trying to vote next
6:48 pm
tuesday, give us a call at 8889996 tips. we have made it to friday. the weekend is here. jeff, tell us what we have in store. >> we have warming temperatures and so close to getting rain drops here in the storm system that is moving across. we do expect it to stay dry here in the north bay all the way down to the south bay. it's cool out here right now, already some mid 50s. so in fact, cold for parts of the north bay, with 54 and we will take a swing back. to 84 on monday, and santa rosa from 66 today to an anticipated 83 on monday as well, as we set up for a record setting heat trend for saturday and sunday. that record of 83 could best be of 82 set way back in 1901, let's go outside to the live hd
6:49 pm
sky camera network and we have the mid high level cloud cover. no fog for tonight and again, we expect to stay dry and we will see a great view tonight of the trans-america building. over the next 48 hours we have the cold front we have been contending with now for the past 48 hours. it's a tightly wound area of low pressure with a although of cold air trapped around the krener of it. it's all going to hedge to the north, high pressure moves in and that will keep the shield of warmer air for the next four days before we get in on much larger changes. 50s and 60s at the coastline and we will start to see the temperatures really spike up there by sunday. with that potential record setting heat. we will begin with a bit of cloud cover and that will clear out quickly. widespread sunshine, expected
6:50 pm
from the coast back to the east bay, not only for saturday, but as we head right into sunday's forecast as well. it will be cold in the north bay with 46 in santa a rosa and upper 40s for the south bay and daytime highs look to be near 80 in livermore. also, 72 in an san jose and a 5-10 degree warm up. coming your way tonight, 8:00 p.m., the nbc benefit, helping to benefit hurricane sandy victims. you can of course, contact the american red cross and the humane society putting together some animal rescue teams to head out toward the northeast. this saturday and sunday, upper 70s and low 80s and as we head throughout next week, we will have mid 80s through election day on tuesday it looks clear, no rain drops and then another storm by next friday. with measurable rainfall and 60s. so, this is really what we have seen lately and it looks like it will continue for the next seven
6:51 pm
days, up and down trend. >> we have 80 this week. >> i know. i'm excited. >> not bad. let's get to sports. >> you know, we like it when the 49ers have a bye week, then we get mindi bach, niners and she is with us now. >> i know, no playoff baseball and no 49ers, and people have missed the warriors season opener that was on wednesday, you know, raj, 1 million people so, they were occupied with the parade and then there was halloween. but the warriors are center stage tonight for a home opener and it's andrew bogut's debut. john henry smith is at the oracle arena with a preview of tonight's activities. >> going through the home opener, it's no surprise that third poised to start 2-0, after all, the team they beat without
6:52 pm
steve nash the other night is not expected to be among the best in the west. what is a surprise is that the warriors got it done with steph curry and david lee going 4 of 30 from the field. that warrior as bench is already earning their keep. >> it came in handy fortunate to have, you know, top notch guys coming in off the bench. i will put our bench up against anybody's in the league. their ability to play, their ability to specialize in the things that they do well. and they have been around, they know how the play. >> coach jackson has no concerns about center andrew bogut after his impressive debut performance. he had no set backs after that game. bogut will start tonight as the warriors try to beat memphis for the first same since 2010. he will hold bogut out just to be on the safe side. >> with the warriors, i'm john henry smith.
6:53 pm
nbc bay area news. >> and the fallout from the nhl lockout has announced they have cancelled the winter classic. they were to play in front of over 100,000 fans on new year's day. but the oakland raiders game against the tampa bay buccaneers will be televised locally after all. this team received ann, extensin on thursday and was able to sell enough tickets to avoid the blackout. and the breeders' cup at the lady's classic did not disappoint. back-to-back wins for royal delta. that was a thoroughbred race for if i fillies and mares, that coverage will be at 5:00 on nbc bay area.
6:54 pm
raj, jess, no football, but we have raiders and horse racing and other stuff to keep you occupied. >> mindi, it's an open weekend, we will be at your house and watch the race. >> i have soccer games, i am busy all day with soccer. you want come and car pool, i will be with it. >> we will be right back. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
6:55 pm
as part of a heart healthy diet.
6:56 pm
that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> tonight at 11:00, it's not the real housewives of silicon valley. we've a special guest, it's the
6:57 pm
bat. >> can i take a look? >> this is the world series bat, it's the limited edition from louisville slugger. the louisville slugger people are here? >> they are here, they are in the building right now, raj, and they will tell us how can you get your hand on this through a scavenger hunt. >> okay, so 7:00 on comcast channel 186. thanks for watching, have a great weekend. we will see you at 11:00. ♪
6:58 pm
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